The Freeze Project was created in April 2008 by friends, Charles T. Lee and Derrick Engoy. The main purpose of the project was to make more people aware about human slavery in today's world. Also, however, the organizers wanted freeze participants to have fun and to enjoy a shared experience they could tell others about for years to come. The project organized "freezes" all over the world, which were events where people gathered at a set location, ideally a highly public one, an then "froze" for ten minutes when a signal was given. The idea was to draw a crowd and then, once the freeze was over, to share information and fliers with them dealing with the realities of modern slaver. The idea caught on quickly, and some of the first freezes were held in Santa Monica, California; Irvine, California; Seattle, Washington; Glendale, California; San Diego, California; Hollywood, California; Pune, India; London, England; and Mexico City, Mexico. Videos were taken of the freezes and put on Youtube for others to see.

The group also planned a Global Freeze Project Day to take place on April 17, 2010. Interested people from around the world were invited to participate in freeze projects on the same day. The Freeze Project joined forces with several anti-slavery organizations to make the event happen and to raise funds for these organizations.

The Freeze Project organizers also hosted a design competition, inviting participants to create the very first Freeze Project t-shirt and also signed up with several social networking sites to spread the word. This careful planning worked, as more and more people got involved with the Freeze Project. The Global Freeze Project Day ended up being a huge success, and the group continued to plan for more future projects and freezes to help bring awareness and hopefully activism to this worthy cause.

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