Slavery not abolished

It is a sad fact that most of the world lives in the dark when it comes to serious matters. Some problems are global problems that should be discussed daily and weekly until a solution is found and all of us find complete harmony in our world. What not many people are aware of is that slavery has not completely disappeared from the world. We all know our history and how the world worked from the oldest days until only a few decades ago. We all know about the Egyptian slaves who build the pyramids, the Mayans of South America as they took their slaves and sacrificed their people and of America in its earlier times, when everything was done using slaves. However distant these seem to us right now, it appears that our world is not completely free from slavery.

You can help abolish slavery by learning about where it is happening today and why. Join an organization or give money to charities supporting this cause. Get informed and stay alert; help those in need. One day we may be able to stop slavery altogether.

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